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We are DV8, a manufacturer of premium Delta 8 THC products. We have been making Delta 9 THC products since 2016 under the brand and in the medical marijuana business since 2009. So we are taking our expertise from California Gold to the Delta 8 space. We believe you will agree that our products are the best tasting on the market. There may be others that taste good but none better than ours. We use only the highest quality ingredients and hardware. Like CCEL hardware, Belgium chocolate, and "The Terpene Store" terpenes to name a few. All of which are among the most expensive on the market. We think they are the best! We know DV8 products are simply the best tasting on the market


Who we are as a company is what sets us apart from other companies. If we were rated on yelp we would be a 4 billion star company. Our integrity makes us a premium brand. We do the right thing. We’re good people who answer the phone when you call. We promptly ship. Etc. We are here every day to ensure your 100% satisfaction.  


Enjoy the highlife 420 style.

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